This article will help you to solve some common issues with the HiPay module.
It might be obvious, but please double check if you install meets the requirements, and that you have followed the installation guide. It might be that you missed one of the configuration items, which may cause the module not to function.
License errors
If you have any license issue, try to reissue your license, as described here.
Payments are not registered in WHMCS, invoices are not marked as paid
Please check in the WHMCS general settings that the WHMCS System URL is correct, and is containing http(s):// and a trailing slash.
White pages or Oops! pages
If you see a white page when opening the module settings, invoice or something else related to the module, then this is probably because of a PHP error. To display the error instead of the white page, go to general settings:
Then the other tab:
Then enable these 2 options:
Now try to trigger the error again. If you see the error, make sure that you include it in your support ticket, and you disable both options again.
Class 'SoapClient' not found error
Check if SOAP is installed en enabled for your PHP installation. If you use cPanel, you can enable this in WHM under EasyApache:
Contact support & send debug info
If you the issue persists, we are happy to assist you. Check this article how to send the debug info & open a support ticket.